Bronx Pain Doctor arrested in $ 90 million oxycodone black market transaction


Another day, another doctor accused of flaunting the Hippocratic Oath to flood the world with prescription painkillers. Authorities say Bronx doctor accused of running multi-million dollar oxycodone distribution network from Morrisania “pain clinic” allegedly prescribing the addicting opioid to fake patients who sell them through the black market.

Authorities say licensed internist Robert Terdiman, 68, has written approximately 18,700 prescriptions for oxycodone since he began working at the Bronx Pain Clinic Astramed Physicians, PC, in June 2012. Investigators think he prescribed a total of 3 million pills, and with market value. for the oxy running at around $ 30 a pill, they expect the operation to generate unprecedented volume $ 90 million.

“Dr Robert Terdiman is accused of selling prescriptions for highly addictive pain relievers on a scale that we have never seen before,” Special Narcotics Attorney Bridget G. Brennan said today in a statement. “Not only is he accused of continuing a practice that has done little to heal and a lot of harm, but he and the Clinic have made huge profits.”

As to how Terdiman managed to make all that money, prosecutors say the patients who populated his pain clinic were actually “runners” hired by recruiters to pose as people in need of prescriptions. . Terdiman reportedly told them about the questionnaire required before prescribing oxy without conducting an exam – undercover agents who came for sessions with him noted that he was unresponsive to the inconsistencies in their responses. They had to pay between $ 200 and $ 300 per warrant and were given prescriptions for pills with each visit.

And when the community complained about the practice, which has drawn growing crowds over time, authorities said the clinic had started requiring patients to undergo drug tests. in urine, although at the clinic, “recruiters openly sold bottles of urine that tested positive only for oxycodone. These samples were handed over to Astramed staff, who generated reports in the goal of legitimizing the files of the Clinic. ”

Yesterday, Terdiman was arrested at a Yonkers hostel where he had been locked up, and authorities recovered financial documents, a .357 revolver and 47 cartridges hidden in his bedroom TV cabinet. He faces charges of fourth-degree conspiracy and criminal sale of a controlled substance prescription, and is expected to be brought to justice today.

Deaths related to prescription pain relievers have increased in recent years, and the city says it has stepped up efforts to crack down on legal and illegal drug prescriptions.

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