Growth of the global security filtering and detection market


Dublin, April 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Global Growth Opportunities for Security Filtering and Detection” report has been added to from offer.

The report focuses on the screening of people, cargo and vehicles, baggage and parcels, as well as the detection of explosives and narcotics at ports and borders.

This study assesses the global Security Filtering and Detection market by identifying market trends, drivers and restraints, key technologies and developments by region. It examines regional trends, noting key projects and investments to identify significant growth areas and potential opportunities for security screening and screening technology vendors.

Growth in traveler numbers following the lifting of travel restrictions imposed due to the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to put pressure on border organizations to manage threats and control people and goods. The continuing risk of cross-border terrorism and crime demands higher levels of passenger screening and detection of contraband goods.

Globally, screening and detection is among the top 3 areas of investment in infrastructure upgrade programs being implemented at points of entry. As the global industry recovers from the pandemic, demand for screening and detection solutions is expected to increase as discontinued projects restart and supply programs continue over the next 5-10 years.

As more and more innovations in screening systems to move away from traditional X-ray technology are underway, the market will witness disruption by new entrants over the next 10 years. The security industry is experiencing rapid changes in technological innovation and adoption rates due to dynamic and asymmetric threats and their spread in the physical and digital domains.

Security agencies are increasingly considering more integrated platforms to meet today’s operational needs and improve detection efficiency and collaboration among other point of entry security stakeholders.

Main topics covered:

1. Strategic imperatives

  • Why is it increasingly difficult to grow taller?
  • The strategic imperative
  • The Impact of the Top Three Strategic Imperatives on Security Filtering and Detection
  • Growth opportunities fuel the growth pipeline engine

2. Analysis of growth opportunities – Security screening and detection

  • Scan Scope – Security Filtering and Detection
  • Market Coverage – Security Filtering and Detection
  • Market segmentation
  • Overview and Key Findings – Security Filtering and Detection
  • Security Filtering and Detection – Stakeholders to Influence
  • Freight and Container Scanning Operations Concept – Regional Diversity
  • Key Growth Indicators – Security Filtering and Detection
  • Growth engines for security filtering and detection
  • Growth constraints for security filtering and detection
  • Forecast Assumptions – Security Filtering and Detection
  • Expenditure forecasting – Security screening and detection
  • Spend forecast by sector – Security screening and detection
  • Spending Forecast by Region – Security Filtering and Detection
  • Expenditure forecast analysis – Security screening and detection
  • Spend Forecast Analysis by Region – Security Filtering and Detection
  • Price Trends and Forecast Analysis – Security Filtering and Detection
  • Competitive Environment – Security Filtering and Detection
  • Awarding of security filtering and detection contracts
  • Open calls for tenders in security filtering and detection
  • Key Trends – Security Filtering and Detection

3. Growth Opportunities Analysis – Airports

  • Main growth parameters – Airports
  • Key Findings – Airports
  • Expenditure Forecast – Airports
  • Spending forecast by region – Airports
  • Expenditure forecast analysis – Airports

4. Growth Opportunity Analysis – Land Borders

  • Main Growth Parameters – Land Boundaries
  • Key Findings – Land Boundaries
  • Forecast Expenditure – Land Borders
  • Forecast expenditure by region – Land borders
  • Spending Forecast Analysis – Land Borders

5. Growth Opportunities Analysis – Seaports

  • Key Growth Indicators – Seaports
  • Main results – Seaports
  • Expenditure forecast – Seaports
  • Expenditure forecast by region – Seaports
  • Expenditure forecast analysis – Seaports

6. Universe of growth opportunities

  • Growth Opportunity 1: Lease/Rental Model for Security Screening and Detection Solutions
  • Growth Opportunity 2: Mobile Autonomous Scanning Systems for Security Screening and Detection Solutions
  • Growth Opportunity 3: Managed Services Business Model for Security Filtering and Detection Solutions
  • Three takeaways

7. Next steps

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